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canoe and canoeing

A canoe is an ancient Indian water-craft, which modern form is used by canoeists nowadays. It doesn't capsize so easy as people use to think. It stays pretty stable on the water.
 At the beginning a small intriduction to canoeing will be held. It goes without saying that everybody is wearing life jackets on the water. Just in case...

It's wise to listen to the guide so afterwards you woudn't feel bad about soaken documents or lost camera.

Sometimes you can't get through on a canoe by water. Either the dam is too rocky or there's some other obstacle in the river. Then you'll have to carry your canoe over the obstacle. But a true canoeist only enjoys it.


some popular Canoeing routes:

Vihtra - Kullimaa 8 km Pärnu river
Suurejõe - Kullimaa 16 km Pärnu river
Kurgja - Kullimaa 28 km Pärnu river
Kullimaa - Tori 17 km Pärnu river
We can recommend you a lot of different canoe trips on five rivers



Monday - Friday (excl. national holidays) - 20 EUR per person. Group of minimum 6 persons.

Saturday - Sunday and national holidays - 25 EUR per person. Children up to 14 yrs (accompanied by an adult) - 15 EUR per person.

Prices include: a place in the canoe, paddle and PFD, guide's service, instruction and help, local transportation, help and transportation in case of emergency.

CANOE TRIP WITHOUT GUIDE - 35 EUR per canoe /day (double and triple canoes). 

for  very big groups and other trips please contact us. We also organize multiple days trips. Please contact us for further information.

All trips must be reserved in advance!

Info and reservations by e-mail: matkad(a)